Starting the Yard Sign Rental Business

  1. Researching and Collecting Information
  2. Getting Inventory
  3. Marketing Tips for More Rentals
  4. Customer Care and Support
  5. Setting up and Caring for the Signs

1. Researching and Collecting Information

Why should I start a Yard Sign Rental Business?

You should start a yard sign rental business

  1. There is a market for it: It helps you tap into the greeting industry. Americans buy 6.5 billion greeting cards every year. The top greetings are for Birthdays, Weddings, and Babies. Yard Sign is a fun way to send a yard sized greeting to anyone
  2. You get paid in advance. The yard sign needs to be booked in advance so you get paid before the job is done.
  3. It has a good profit margin
  4. You are your own boss (make your own vacation days)
  5. You can set your own goals for income. Add more inventory of trending yard signs and you can increase your revenue.

How much money can I make in the Yard Sign Rental Business?

A sign rental roughly is priced around $100. If you manage to rent out one a day for 365 days, you make $36500. You rent 6 a day and you are making $219000

What is the competition in my area and should I still start this business?

You can figure out the competition in your area with a simple search in Google or Facebook groups for your area. Even if your area is highly saturated, you can still stand out by finding what makes you different. A couple of options that you can try are

  1. Offer the signs for rent for a longer period
  2. Include personalized notes or a small gift for the recipient
  3. Offer night lights for showing off the signs at night
  4. Offer exceptional customer service

LLC or Sole Proprietor for Yard Sign Rental Business?

Sole Proprietor: When one person owns and operates a business, it called a sole proprietorship is a business owned and operated by one person. The business assets and income belong to the proprietor. There is no difference between the proprietor and the business entity. Profits of the business are your personal income.
Pros: Easy paperwork and inexpensive
Cons: Any lawsuit against your business are against you.

LLC: An LLC is a legal entity and it has its own identity, assets, income or liabilities. It can have one or more members.
Pros: If anyone sues a LLC, its the business that has to defendf itself and not the owner. It can have multiple owners so it is flexible. Taxwise, it has more options than a personal taxable income
Cons: It is slightly more complex and expensive than an LLC.

What do I need to get started?

Do I really need a website?

A website is central to an online business. Since Yard Sign Business doesn’t have a storefront, a professional website that works on all devices and can be found on Google is key to success in this business. While the DIY route is an option using Godaddy and Wix, it’s not a recommended one unless you are ready to dedicate a lot of hours to learn to build a professional one.

I have helped more than 50 yard sign businesses with websites and would be happy to help you with the website and marketing needs for your Yard Sign business and get you started on the right foot. Get in touch with me here

Is my business already trademarked?

If you want to search trademarked business names, phrases and sayings, here’s the link:

2. Getting Inventory

Which Alphabet and Flair Sets should I start out with?

Have alphabets in the following colors – Black, Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Gold to begin with in the same order. You don’t need all colors at once but these are the popular color.

Birthdays are the most celebrated occasion so start out with generic sets for Birthdays like Presents, balloons, stars, cupcakes, and cakes. 

What are the top 5 themes for BOYS and top 5 themes for GIRLS?

Girls- Unicorns, mermaids & princesses, Rainbows, Tiktok
Boys- Gaming, Sports, Dinosaurs, Legos, Monster Trucks

Where do you buy the Stands?

Where can I buy Stakes from?

  • 11th Street
  • Parker Davis
  • Yard Greetings

What tools and other items should I carry for an installation?

  • A Hand drill to drill hard rock
  • A Rubber Mallet or Hammer
  • A Head Lamp if you are installing at night
  • A Medical Kit – Bandaid, Bandages, Water, Antiseptic Cream, Water
  • A Pepper Spray if you are installing early morning or at night.

3. Marketing Tips for More Rentals

What are some tips to get more rentals and business in the community?

  • Professional Website that works on all devices and can be found in Google.

I have helped more than 50 yard sign businesses with websites and would be happy to help you with the website and marketing needs for your Yard Sign business and get you started on the right foot. Get in touch with me here

  • Google My Business Page. This is an additional way of getting found via Google. Here is a checklist of what all should be entered in your
  • Networking
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Groups
  • Instagram with Local Hashtag Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Listing in Local Directories
  • Building Relationship with Local Businesses
  • Local Business Groups
  • PR
  • Business Cards, Flyers
  • Collaborations with Local Businesses

Do I need to lower my price for rental to have a competitive advantage?

You don’t have to offer a low price. Great customer service and good quality signs give you a great competitive advantage. 7 ways to provide great customer service

  • Be friendly and professional
  • Respond Promptly
  • Know your product, know your service
  • Listen to your customers
  • Say thank you after every rental
  • Ask for feedback and use the feedback to improve
  • Keep your promises

For what occasions can I set up a Yard Card Sign?

Absolutely everything and anything. It depends entirely up to you where and what occasions you want to rent out your signs for. Here are a few ideas

  • Birthdays – 1st, Kids, Sweet 16, Adult, Milestone, Pet
  • Baby – Birth Announcements, Baby Showers, Gender Reveal, Adoptions, Cake Smash, 100th Day
  • Cultural – Bar Mitzvah, Christening, Eid, Diwali, Kwanzaa
  • Pride
  • Weddings and Proposals
  • Graduations
  • Retirement
  • Homecoming
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Holidays – Halloween, Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, Halloween, St Patricks’ Day, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, July 4th
  • Fundraisers
  • Local Government – Inaugurations, Charity Events, Awareness Days, Concerts
  • Education – Teacher’s Appreciation, Events, Prom, End of Year Day, First Day of School, Congrats, Graduation, 100th Day, Back to School
  • Sales Promotions for Businesses – New Management, Grand Opening, Sale, Black Friday

4. Customer Care and Support

Do you charge a deposit? If so how much?

Full Payment at the time of renting

I went to pick up my signs and they are damaged. What do you do about that?

Charge prices that have high enough margins that can cover missing or damaged signs.

What are the reminders that you send to a customer a day before set up?

Your Yard Sign be set up tonight!
Just some reminders

  • Please make sure someone at the delivery location is aware that we will be on the property
  • Please don’t move the display
  • We will be back to pick up the display
  • Please do not tie balloons to the signs
  • No rough play near the display some corners are sharp!
  • Do not mow / water grass
  • No silly string! It will ruin the signs
  • Z and Z Rental will be using photos of the setup for advertising.

Thank You for helping me grow


  • Take lots of pics
  • Share & tag Z and Z Rental on Facebook, Google, & Instagram!
  • If you have time – Please leave 5 stars on Facebook or Google @Z and Z Rental

5. Setting up and Caring for the Signs

I am missing some alphabets. What should I do?

You can use the following alphabets/flairs to make the missing alphabet

  • A-V+Nair for middle, party hat, N+ flair, and overlap last vertical of N
  • B – 1+3 to create the B, R, or P using flair
  • C-O or Q with flair over the right side
  • D – upside p, possibly backward C+1
  • E – For L with flair covering two top lines,
  • G turned backward F-E with flair covering bottom G-C with flair
  • H-F and I with a star or something covering the top bar, Maybe an I+T
  • I – Birthday candle, upside down! two t’s on top of each other
  • J – U half covered
  • L – I with a flair for L or upside-down T and cover w/flair, or upside down 7
  • M – upside-down W
  • N- Take an M and cover the part with next letter, or upside-down u, or an I+V, turn Z
  • 0 – Number 0. Heart, Star, round flower, emoji, sports ball
  • P-B, cover bottom with the flair
  •  Q-0, use flair for hash
  • R-B, cover bottom with flair. Or upside-down J, P+flair
  • S-8 or 5, use flair to cover
  • T – upside-down L use flair
  • U-0, use flair to cover top or J+I
  • V – two ls touching at the bottom
  • W – upside-down M
  • X two ls crossed
  • Y-V with an I taped to the back of the V, X and cover w/flair
  • Z – Turn ‘N’ on the side

I have multiple deliveries each day. How can I make the process faster?

You can stake them before you leave and tie the signs for each delivery using a zip tie to keep them together

How can I keep my signs straight on a Windy Day?

You can use painter’s tape or duct tape on the back of the letters to keep them straight and together. They are available at Home Depot.

I could barely get the signs to go in the ground. It has been very dry and rocky here. What can I do?

Try using a hand drill, that’s what we use and it works unless you constantly hit a rock. You can even use a rubber Mallet to push a stake past the rocks.

What’s the best way to clean the signs?

We don’t clean as we set up unless really needed and we just use a rag with water. We try to clean them after we have picked them up before storage.

How should I store the yard signs?

• Over-Sized Clear Storage Bag with Strong Handles and Zippers
• Clothing racks and it works great