The Secret to a Great Business Name

The Secret to a Great Business Name

You have a great business idea and you can’t wait to get started on it. But you are stuck forever trying to decide upon a great business name. Don’t let the name become a hurdle on your path to success. So, let’s get started. Ready, Set, Go!

Write all the names down that come to your mind. Write at least 20 names. Here are a few websites where you can get some ideas

Now, cross out the ones which are

  • longer than 20 characters
  • tell a location
  • too narrow on products. eg Janescakes. It is possible that you want to expand your business to more products in future.
  • have domain names taken (do a quick search on the internet of the names and you will know)
  • has been trademarked (go to and search in trademarks)
  • are an existing business in your state (Search in Secretary of State to make sure there isn’t another business in your state that has the same name)

If you have a few names still left haven’t been checked, proceed to the next step or go back to brainstorming new name ideas

Circle the ones that have following qualities

  • Short and simple
  • If possible, tell people about the business.

Now, you might be left with just one or two names. Pick out the one you like and Viola you, my dear friend have a business name. Congratulations!


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