Website Checklist – 7 Must haves for a high quality Website for Local Business

Website Checklist – 7 Must haves for a high quality Website for Local Business

There are endless ways to improve your website but I will boil it down to the top 7 few most important ones for any local business website.

  1. Is your business name or logo clearly visible at the top center or top left of the screen?
  2. Does your business tagline address
    1. i. Whom does the business serve?
    2. What does the business do?
    3. What relief does it bring to the customer or what need does it fulfill?
  3. Is the tagline on the homepage and above the fold?
  4. Is there a matching image that conveys the meaning of the tagline in the image?
  5. Are there positive testimonials easily visible on your website?
  6. Are you addressing any objections that your customer might have before they choose your business?
  7. Are you linked to any social media platforms for social proof?
  8. Do you have contact information listed clearly on the top of the website?

My name is Loveleen and I’m here to help. I understand that running a small business is not easy. Like you, I’m a solo-entrepreneur wearing many hats at once. I’ll say it again – It isn’t easy. I want to create a professional website for your business that gets sales. Not only will it look great, most importantly it will do the hard work of attracting customers. I will also share with you the knowledge and tools you need to maintain and improve the website over time! Know anyone who needs a Website? Email me at or message me

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