Building a Customer-focused Website for your Party Rental Business

Building a Customer-focused Website for your Party Rental Business
Building a Customer focused Website

Have you ever visited a website where you just didn’t feel a connection and closed it immediately?

The purpose of a website is to let the customer know that our party rental business is capable of solving their problems. We not only want them to know that but also trust that we are capable of solving their problems.

Often, when we start out building our website we forget about our customers. Instead, we just focus on highlighting how awesome we are. Think of it as a friend trying to tell us his/her problem but we continue to boast of our achievements. If we wish to connect and convince our customers that we are capable, we need to let them know that we care and we understand. Now, it might be hard to show just that. However, there are ways to to get there.

If you have had past clients and known why they hired you, you will know their needs. These are are the whys of hiring you or buying your product. These need can be physical , emotional or spiritual. These needs need to be highlighted on your website.

Besides needs, you also need to mitigate any objections your clients might have before hiring you. Why are you priced more that other businesses? What more value are you bringing? They could also be service related questions like ‘Do you visit customers homes’ ? When you address these objections, you build a connection with your clients.

I hope that when we write the copy of our websites, we keep just 2 things in mind – Customer Needs and Customer Objections, we will build a website that actually connects with our clients.


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