Converting Visitors to buyers by Establishing Trust

Converting Visitors to buyers by Establishing Trust

I wanted to discuss why some of you might be getting traffic to your website but visitors might not be buying from you. Since the yard sign business is online and there is no direct interaction with your customer, your online presence is your business’s face which creates or breaks the trust. One of the biggest reasons that visitors are not buying from you could be that your online presence doesn’t establish trust. Here are some ways to establish trust and convert visitors into buyers

1.   Make a Good Impression: In the age of mobile, that means ensuring that the website looks beautiful across all device sizes, it should be fast, with easy-to-absorb content, inspiring imagery, and simple navigation.
2.   There should be a clear refund or cancellation policy in your FAQs
3.   Adding a picture of yourself on the ‘About Us’ page can provide some extra reassurance.
4.  Posting on Social Media: Are you posting frequently on Social platforms? Having an account on social media but not posting on it for over a month gives an impression that you are not in business or not getting enough business. 
4.   Also, use subconscious trust signals like well-written copy and high-quality images. Visitors instinctively know that an unscrupulous company is unlikely to invest in good design.
5.   Third-party reviews. You should request every customer to leave you a positive review at the end of the rental period. Showcase Reviews on your website.

Ask them explicitly to share pictures of the sign and leave a positive review. If you communicating via text or email with your customer, you can use the following template at the end of the stork rental period.


Congratulations! This is the beginning of something wonderful for your family. I hope that this journey is filled with lots of laughter, love and warm cuddles. 

We are a small business and reviews help our business build an online presence. We hope we made you smile. Would you be willing to take a few minutes to leave us a review?

Please visit [FACEBOOK URL] or [GOOGLE MY BUSINESS URL] to leave us a review. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day, we appreciate you!

Best regards, 

6.   Social Proof: Pictures of happy people who have rented out the sign. Here are some ways to ask for pictures with the sign

1.   Ask all customers to tag your business in their pictures. Suggest it everywhere

a.    On your door hanger or postcard that you leave behind when you drop off a stork.
b.    On all your marketing material.
c.    Facebook/ Instagram Posts.
d.    At the back of the sign.

2.   Offer to take a picture for them if you meet them while picking up or dropping the stork.
3.   Collaborate with a maternity/newborn photographer to nudge them into taking pictures. Drop their flyer when you drop off the sign. Their flyer must-have photos with the stork.

Which of the ways would you like to improve your business’s trust factor or would you like to add anything to the list?


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