Dealing with Sign Damage

When a customer damages rental signs, a well-defined procedure is essential. Begin by assessing the extent of the damage, documenting it, and referring to your rental agreement to understand the customer’s responsibilities regarding damages and associated costs. Promptly contact the customer to inform them of the situation, offering clear details about the damage and potential charges. Engage in a discussion about how to resolve the issue, considering options such as repair, replacement, or charges for repairs based on the severity of the damage. Provide cost estimates transparently, and if a security deposit was collected, ensure it aligns with your terms and can be used to cover costs. Emphasize the customer’s responsibility for sign condition, and maintain a record of all communications and actions taken. While it’s rare, if disputes arise, consult legal counsel to explore further options. Balancing fairness and protection of your business is key, along with maintaining positive customer relations throughout the process.


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