Homepage Design Secrets for a Highly Converting Party Rental Business Website

Homepage Design Secrets for a Highly Converting Party Rental Business Website

For a party rental business, it is highly pertinent to have a high converting website. No matter how strong your marketing is or how much you have invested in the product, you will not convert visitors into customers if your website design is not engaging.

This article has shared some web design secrets that will assist you in attaining high converting website. The primary purpose of any small business is to create a web design that is:

  • High converting
  • Navigation friendly
  • Branded
  • Interruption free
  • Focused on sale

If your business website is not converting the visitors into customers, then there is something wrong with the design. You can review your web design according to the points given below to edit it into high converting one.

Clear Value Proposition

Having a clear value proposition or unique selling points gives the visitors instant awareness regarding what makes you stand out in the competition. Being a small business, you have to be ahead in your web designing game to retain maximum clients. Give your USPs or value proposition the central space on your landing page.

Simplified Navigation

The homepage or the landing page of any website is the most significant one and requires you to make it useful and navigation friendly. The headings and the labels on your homepage should not be cryptic or difficult. An average visitor takes 8 seconds before moving ahead or back. So a business site only has 8 seconds to convert a visitor into a prospect or a customer!

Clear Branding

For every business website, logos, filters, and images used are highly pertinent. You got only 50 milliseconds to make a good impression. It means the visitors only got to see your pictures, logos, and tiles. So make sure you have branded images, tiles, and logos on your web page effectively.

Your ultimate goal is to engage the target market, so take an in-depth review of all the tricks mentioned above to decide what change you need for your website. Being a business website, all you need are conversions and sales, and therefore, make changes accordingly.


Testimonials build trust and credibility amongst potential buyers and give social approval to seal the deal. 90% of people trust what a customer says than what a business says about itself. So, testimonials are very important. They also humanize the brand.

Primary Call to Action Button

You should know what you want your site visitors to do. Do you want them to call you, book you or buy something? You should make it really simple for them to do so. It should be distinct button that should stand out from the rest of your buttons. You could add it at the end of the homepage or at the end of every section.

Keep it visual

A picture is worth a 100 words. A pictures helps convey the meaning more than words. Use appropriate images to compliment the text in your homepage


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