Inventory for Yard Sign Business

Hey there, let’s dive into what awesome inventory you’ll need to kickstart your Yard Sign Business and make those special occasions pop!

Yard Signs

The heart of your business! Invest in a variety of high-quality yard signs that can be easily customized with messages, names, and themes. Get a collection of letters, numbers, and symbols to create personalized messages. This gives you the flexibility to spell out names and special greetings. Think birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.

Tip: Have letters in the following colors – Black, Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Gold to begin with in the same order. You don’t need all colors at once but these are the popular color.


I am missing some alphabets. What should I do?

You can use the following alphabets/flairs to make the missing alphabet

  • A-V+Nair for middle, party hat, N+ flair, and overlap last vertical of N
  • B – 1+3 to create the B, R, or P using flair
  • C-O or Q with flair over the right side
  • D – upside p, possibly backward C+1
  • E – For L with flair covering two top lines,
  • G turned backward F-E with flair covering bottom G-C with flair
  • H-F and I with a star or something covering the top bar, Maybe an I+T
  • I – Birthday candle, upside down! two t’s on top of each other
  • J – U half covered
  • L – I with a flair for L or upside-down T and cover w/flair, or upside down 7
  • M – upside-down W
  • N- Take an M and cover the part with next letter, or upside-down u, or an I+V, turn Z
  • 0 – Number 0. Heart, Star, round flower, emoji, sports ball
  • P-B, cover bottom with the flair
  •  Q-0, use flair for hash
  • R-B, cover bottom with flair. Or upside-down J, P+flair
  • S-8 or 5, use flair to cover
  • T – upside-down L use flair
  • U-0, use flair to cover top or J+I
  • V – two ls touching at the bottom
  • W – upside-down M
  • X two ls crossed
  • Y-V with an I taped to the back of the V, X and cover w/flair
  • Z – Turn ‘N’ on the side

Stakes or Frames

You’ll need sturdy stakes or frames to hold up your yard signs and keep them looking fantastic. Make sure they’re durable and weather-resistant.

Where can I buy Stakes from?
U Stakes –
S Hooks –
Tent Stakes –
Stands –
StepIn Fence Posts –
StepIn Fence Posts –…/american-farmworks-4-ft…
Trellises –…/Vigoro-72-in…/205347005
Sand Bags –…/dp/B01M264VSY
String Lights –
Gorilla Tape –
End Cap Covers for H Stakes…/dp/B08J2QRVD4
Small 4″ Zip Ties…/dp/B01018DB2E


Amp up the charm with decorative elements like balloons, stars, hearts, and other eye-catching designs that match your themes. Birthdays are the most celebrated occasion so start out with generic sets for Birthdays like Presents, balloons, stars, cupcakes, and cakes. Top birthday themes for boys and girls are

Girls- Unicorns, mermaids & princesses, Rainbows, Tiktok
Boys- Gaming, Sports, Dinosaurs, Legos, Monster Trucks


Equip yourself with the tools of the trade

  • A Rubber Mallet or Hammer
  • A Hand drill to drill hard rock
  • Tape, Zipties and a Wirecutter
  • A Head Lamp if you are installing at night
  • A Medical Kit – Bandaid, Bandages, Water, Antiseptic Cream, Water
  • A Pepper Spray if you are installing early morning or at night.
  • Safety Gear: Don’t forget safety first! Have gloves, reflective vests, and any other safety gear needed for setup and takedown.

Marketing Materials

  • Don’t forget business cards, flyers, and promotional materials to spread the word about your awesome Yard Sign Business.


Consider adding some flair with battery-operated lights that make your signs shine bright, even after the sun goes down.

Contracts and Agreements
Have clear contracts and agreements ready for customers to sign, outlining your terms, payment details, and responsibilities.

Backup Inventory

Always have a few extra signs and supplies on hand in case of unexpected events, damages, or last-minute bookings.

Storage Solutions

Keep your inventory organized and safe with storage bins, shelves, or racks to ensure your signs stay in top-notch condition.

  • Storage Bins: You can choose from a range of storage bin sizes and customize them to suit your needs for letters, numbers, and frequently used decorations. This smart storage solution keeps your items elevated, safeguarding them from water damage, spills, and dirt while simplifying the process of locating what you need. Additionally, you have the flexibility to leave some pieces stacked and flip the bins upside down with the stakes facing upward for added convenience.
  • Storage Bags: Themes and sets can be conveniently kept together using storage bags with handles. They are designed to be stackable, allowing multiple bags to be placed in a vehicle without risking any damage or scratches to the cards.
  • Shelving: Shelving can be used to organize storage bins or create cubbies to store your flair or themes. Whether you are handy and can create custom wood shelves or purchase metal or plastic shelving from the store, there are lots of options.
  • Pegboards and hooks: Pegboards and hooks are simple and inexpensive storage solutions. Pegboards can be found at any home improvement store and come in various materials and sizes. You can organize and hang your stakes and tools on the boards for easy access. You can use hooks or long screws to hang staked inventory directly on the wall. With long enough hooks, you can put 1-2 staked happy birthday sets including flair on the wall. Since this is shallow wall storage, you can still utilize your space for its intended purpose.
  • Clothing racks: Clothing racks are ideal if you like to keep everything staked. Simply use metal boot hangers with clips to secure your inventory and then place on the clothing rack. You can organize your racks by themes, sets, or colors to make set ups a breeze. The clothing racks are typically on wheels, so you can move them around to make the most of your storage space. 

Cleaning Supplies

Keep your signs looking fresh by having cleaning supplies on hand, like wipes or gentle cleaners.


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