We analyzed Many About Us Pages: Here’s What We Learned

We analyzed Many About Us Pages: Here’s What We Learned
We analyzed Many About Us Pages Here's What We Learned.

Are you thinking about creating an about-us page for your local yard sign business website? Do you know the about-us page is the second most visited page after the homepage and requires equal attention? This article will share some tips and tricks to make a fantastic about us page for your website. Keep on reading to avoid the pitfalls while creating an “about us” page.

  • Keep Your Marketing Game On:

Yes, you heard it right; you have to keep your marketing game on even on your about-us page. Most of the businesses consider the about-us page is about them, but this perception is wrong. Your about us page should be about your customers

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When your customer visits the about-us page, they are not looking for information regarding your business history. Instead, they are looking for assurance as to how you are going to help them. So having a marketing touch is pertinent!

  • Make A Clear Value Proposition:

The about-us page should be clear and straightforward with a touch of branding. While stating your mission or vision or even values, you have to make it all about the customers and how dedicated you are to give them the right solution.

  • Tell Your Story:
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Being human, we all love to see businesses as individuals. The more customers know about a specific brand, the more connected they feel, and hence higher will be the retention rate. Take all the essential details from your story and tell it to your visitors to make a connection.

  • Simplify the Language:

The industry-related jargon and professional dictionary might portray you as knowledgeable, but it is absolutely of no use to visitors. Use precise language and simple words to display your message without any hardship.

  • Add Contact Details:
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Another critical step towards trust establishment is to let people know about your location or contact details. Most people hesitate to trust online shopping and thus require physical proof of your business’s existence.

Make your about-us page about you directly and about your customers indirectly to gain the maximum benefit.

We analyzed Many About Us Pages Here's What We Learned.
We analyzed Many About Us Pages Here’s What We Learned.


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