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Patience believes life is a gift and every day is a blessing worth celebrating. Growing up she learned to celebrate every small step in life because her parents taught them that from little things, the greatest often grow.

It all began in summer 2021 when she visited Phoenix, Arizona. Her visit coincided with her birthday week and her daughter-in-law who is in the stork rental business decided to celebrate her early birthday in grand style using the rental stork signs. No words can describe the feeling that morning on her way out for her usual morning walk when her eyes captured the amazing signs on the front lawn. She was more than stunned when she realized the storks had my name engraved in addition to the words, “Happy Birthday Grandma”. The indelible memory will surely linger on her mind forever. It was then that she knew stork rentals was her next call.

As someone who unapologetically looks for opportunities to celebrate others, she started Fox Cities Storks and More in her community to help make everyone’s special occasions memorable. I am very grateful for the opportunity to bring Patience’s vision for her business website come to life. We worked together on her brand, marketing material, her website design and development which has an online ordering system.

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