Mrs. B Storks of Boise – Yard Sign Rental Company in Boise, ID

Shannon started Mrs. B Storks of Boise after a good friend of hers had her 4th baby. There was a stork sign that was always waiting for her when she got home from the hospital with her kids as a gift from her late mother. Still to this day 20 years and 7 years later, she has their bundles.

She believes that having a baby is a joyous occasion and should be celebrated with everyone. All families should have something out front showing the neighborhood the joy that just came home. When she found out Idaho didn’t have a stork, she knew other moms, friends, and grandparents were looking for this perfect gift. So, she decided she needs to step forward and make this happen.

Starting Mrs. B Storks of Boise is a way to stay close to her mother. She hopes her stork signs bring joy to families just like it has done for hers many times. 

It’s been a pleasure working on her business branding and website and bringing her vision to life. Please follow her at @mrsbstorksofboise

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