Sadie’s Signs – Yard Sign Rental Company

When Cheryl was searching for a unique gift for her coworker who was due with a son, she came across the idea to rent a stork sign for her.  At that time she was unable to rent the sign for her friend because it was not available in his area.

She had rented a stork for announcing the birth of his son in January 1993. She still has fond memories of the day when she came home from the hospital with their son Tyler and was so pleasantly surprised with a 6-foot stork in her yard to welcome her and her new baby. This beautiful stork helped her family celebrate and announce their newborn with all of her neighbors and friends. 

Cheryl feels that a new baby is the most treasured moments in a parent’s life and a 6-ft stork yard sign is a perfect way to celebrate it.  She started the business of stork rentals so her community members can create special memories the way she did when her son was born.

Her stork sign rental business is named after their precious Shih Tzu ‘Sadie‘.  We hope your family will contact Sadie’s Signs for all of your happy occasions.

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