Interview with Heather Emerson from The Stork’s Post

Heather, owner of The Stork’s Post was inspired to get involved in the stork sign business just weeks before the arrival of their first little one in the Fall of 2013. They were looking for a unique, yet traditional way to announce the birth of their new baby boy, and knew that a stork lawn sign was just the ticket!

“Since my business doesn’t have a storefront, I wanted a professional website that could be found by my customers. I looked at various designers but I liked the websites that Two Little Sparrows had created. I found them modern, fun, and cheerful,” said Heather in a recent interview.

We worked with Heather to build a professional website that works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Not only did we create a website that met her design vision, but we also worked hard to make sure that her website was found on Google when her customers were looking for a stork rental business in her service areas.

Working with Two Little Sparrows, she found the process smooth. The communication was great via emails. She loved the fact that we touched base with her, kept her in the loop of the whole process, and met all deadlines. She also liked the fact that we revised her designs till she absolutely loved them.

“When I started out, I wanted to make my business successful. I tried giveaways. When the movie Storks came out, I had my stork sign installed in front of movie theaters. I installed storks in high-traffic areas just to get as many eyeballs as possible. While I was receiving yard sign rentals here and there based on exposure around town, I did notice that once customers found my website through Google as it gained popularity in its ranking, my phone began to ring off the hook! That’s the top response. And those who do find me via social media, circle back to the website and contact me via phone call and messaging. I use social media to announce homecomings, birthdays, and other special occasion lawn sign displays in our area, but my business is mostly found via Google.”

Her goal for the website was met because she gets the majority of her business from the website and the website has paid for itself. She has got compliments for her website and its ease of use. Heather stresses the importance of professional websites that get found on Google.

At Two Little Sparrows, we have been helping yard sign businesses over the last 7 years by providing a framework for success with a professional website, advice on social media, and a plan to attract customers. If you are looking for someone to help you build a professional website and framework for online marketing, send me an email at