New Beginnings Storks

Say hello to Hunter, owner of New Beginning Storks — a self-proclaimed coffee addict, dog mom to Henley and Bennett (her two adorable Aussiedoodles), and a nursing student with a soft spot for babies and children. She’s counting down the days until her graduation in December 2024, when she’ll officially become an RN specializing in pediatric care.

Life threw Hunter a curveball with a sudden medical emergency, but it also gave her a new outlook—one that values every moment and finds the silver linings in tough times. That shift in perspective led her to create New Beginnings Storks, a way to spread joy and celebrate new life in her community.

For Hunter, parenthood begins with those two little lines on a pregnancy test and ends with the incredible moment when a baby is born. But she knows it’s not all sunshine and rainbows—those late nights and overwhelming emotions can be tough on new parents. That’s where her stork signs come in. Whether they’re a gift from loved ones or a personal choice, they’re a reminder to savor every moment and know that support is always there.

So, to all the little ones joining the world, Hunter says, “Welcome! You’re already loved more than you know, and your arrival brings so much happiness to everyone around you.”

Please follow her at @newbeginningsstorks

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