New York Storked

Meet Stacy and Kate!

Stacy and Kate, a sister team that have had a long journey to welcoming babies into their lives. Stacy struggled with infertility and multiple IVF rounds prior to becoming pregnant. During that time, Kate welcomed two baby boys and Stacy was so supportive, decking out Kate’s home with streamers and balloons. When it was FINALLY Stacy’s turn, Kate wanted to do something extra special and came across these storks, Unfortunately, they weren’t offered in their area, so they decided to invest in this business so Stacy’s twins could have an extra special “welcome home”. They know how special the day of bringing the baby home is and want to celebrate with you!

New York Storked are a new baby announcement sign company that allows you to provide your newborn with a memorable “welcome home” with their 6 ft unique stork rental yard signs!

Please follow them at @newyorkstorked

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