Pearly White Storks

Meet Jeri-Beth, a vibrant and caring 28-year-old with a heart full of love for her family and a passion for making life’s special moments even more memorable. Jeri-Beth’s journey through life has been beautifully intertwined with her high school sweetheart and biggest supporter, Nick. Together, they’ve created a warm and loving home filled with laughter and love.

What makes Jeri-Beth truly remarkable is her entrepreneurial spirit and thoughtfulness. While expecting her second child, she stumbled upon the enchanting world of stork signs and instantly fell in love with their charm. She realized how these signs could have added an extra touch of magic to the arrival of her first child. Inspired by this, Jeri-Beth embarked on a journey to share this joy with others.

She started her own stork sign rental business, not just as a business venture but as a way to be a part of something wonderful and precious in each family’s life. Jeri-Beth understands the significance of these moments and pours her heart into every stork sign she places, making sure each family feels the love and warmth she cherishes at home.

As Jeri-Beth continues to grow her business, her ultimate goal is to transition away from full-time work, allowing her to savor even more precious moments with her own family. Jeri-Beth embodies the true spirit of family, love, and entrepreneurship, making the world a brighter and more joyful place, one stork sign at a time.

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