Piece of Cake Storks and More

Meet Ashley, the proud owner of Piece of Cake Storks and More! Her journey has been quite a ride – she started as a Medical Assistant, transitioned into a stay-at-home mom, and now, she’s thrilled to be a business owner. Ashley’s heart belongs to her two beautiful girls and her loving spouse, Caleb. They call the charming town of Locust, North Carolina, their home.

Life’s precious moments with her kids inspired Ashley to search high and low for a way to work from home. That’s when serendipity struck. Ashley’s sister-in-law had a baby in May 2023, and a delightful stork graced her doorstep. Intrigued, Ashley delved into some research and realized that this could be her ticket to even more freedom. She could stay at home and craft Stork bundles to welcome the newest bundles of joy into the world.

Ashley can’t wait to be a part of your special day, spreading joy and celebration. Let’s make it memorable together!

Ashley’s trust in me to collaborate on her website and branding is something I deeply appreciate. Her confidence in my abilities means the world to me, and I’m genuinely thrilled to be a part of her remarkable journey.

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