SSI Storks

Meet Michelle Hart, the proud owner of SSI Storks in Brunswick, Georgia. Living the dream with hubby Chris and their adorable kiddo, Ellie, they’re rocking the parenthood journey in this tight-knit community.

Growing up in Brunswick was a total blessing for Michelle, and now, raising Ellie with their crew of family and friends is pure magic. It’s not just a place they live; it’s home sweet home.

Now, let’s talk about SSI Storks – Michelle got this cool idea for stork sign rentals from a friend, and it was love at first sight. Flashback to 2021 when Ellie made her grand entrance – Michelle wished they had one of those cute stork signs to shout out the excitement!

With SSI Storks, Michelle’s on a mission to sprinkle joy as families welcome their newest members. They’re all about creating heartwarming memories in the Golden Isles of Georgia. So, join the celebration of new beginnings! A big shoutout to the friend who sparked this whole idea – thanks for spreading the love in Brunswick and beyond! Make sure to follow Michelle’s stork rental business on Instagram: @ssi_storks

Working with Michelle on her brand and website has been a rewarding experience. The professional and responsive website we developed for SSI Storks showcases a user-friendly interface with seamless navigation across devices. A standout feature is the integrated online ordering system, streamlining the process for clients and enhancing overall efficiency. This strategic approach positions SSI Storks as a modern and customer-centric brand, elevating its online presence. Michelle’s dedication to providing an exceptional service is evident in every aspect of her brand’s digital representation.

Logo Design

Responsive Website with online ordering and payment