St Mary’s Storks

A few weeks before her 5th daughter’s birth, Jessica asked my husband to find a company that could rent them a stork for their yard. Unfortunately, no one delivered to St. Mary’s. This gave her the idea for St. Mary’s Storks! Jessica believes babies are a big deal! Her mission is to spread joy throughout the community by helping you celebrate the arrival of their newest addition. Stork birth announcement signs are a great way to tell the neighborhood there is a new baby on the block, reveal the baby’s gender or welcome baby shower guests. 

If she misses your call, it’s because she is working her other job, please give her a little time to get back to you. When she is not delivering stork yard signs, she drives a school bus, delivering precious cargo. She loves hanging out with her family, cooking, and vacationing in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Starting St. Mary’s Storks allows her to play a small part in the most exciting time in people’s lives and she is grateful for every opportunity she is given. 

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