Storks and More of Huntsville

Meet Wendy! 🌟 Wendy wears many hats – she’s a wife, mother, grandmother, and former elementary school teacher. 👩‍🏫 About 16 years ago, she and her family made the move to the Huntsville area, where they’ve been happily rooted ever since. 🏡

The inspiration for Wendy’s venture into the stork business came after the arrival of her first grandchild. 👶 Wanting to announce and celebrate this precious moment in a unique way, she scoured the internet for stork yard signs, only to find them in distant corners of the country, nowhere near Huntsville. 🌍 That’s when the idea struck her – why not bring the joy of stork yard signs right here to the community? 🎉

And so, armed with enthusiasm and determination, Wendy set out to do just that. 💪 Now, she’s thrilled to offer the joy of celebrating life’s biggest milestone with unique stork yard signs in Huntsville. There’s something truly special about the moment families arrive home to find a giant 6 ft. stork proudly installed in their yard, announcing the arrival of their newest family member. 🦩✨

For Wendy, this venture isn’t just business – it’s a labor of love. ❤️ She finds immense joy and fulfillment in spreading happiness and excitement to families across Huntsville. Wendy can’t wait to share these adorable stork signs with the community and eagerly looks forward to being a part of their special moments. 🌸 Please follow her at @storksandmoreofhuntsville 📲💕

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