Storks and More of South Georgia

Meet Jess! Jess and her husband embarked on a heartwarming journey when they decided to make Valdosta their new home just a little over 2 years ago. Their lives took a beautiful turn when their first little bundle of joy arrived. To their surprise and delight, Jess’s mother-in-law gifted them with a charming stork yard sign to celebrate their newborn’s arrival. It was an incredibly special moment that filled their hearts with joy.

Inspired by this delightful experience, Jess and her husband couldn’t help but think about how they could bring this same joy to their new community. They realized that sharing the happiness of celebrating life’s precious moments was something they wanted to offer to others. Thus, a wonderful idea was born.

Now, in their beloved town of Valdosta, they proudly provide the opportunity for families to experience the same excitement and joy they felt when they arrived home to that stork yard sign. Measuring an impressive 6 feet tall, these giant stork yard signs are sure to capture the attention of all who pass by. They can’t wait to share in the magic of these special moments, and they warmly invite the community to join them on this incredible journey of celebration and togetherness. Please follow them @storksandmoreofsouthgeorgia

I am incredibly grateful to Jess for providing me with an amazing opportunity to work on her website and marketing needs. The trust she has placed in me holds immense significance, and I am genuinely thankful for this remarkable opportunity to be a part of her journey.

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