Storks of Michigan

Stephanie and Lauren are sisters-in-law living in South Lyon Michigan with a total of 5 kids between the two of them.  They love babies, all things Michigan, and making people smile.

They personally know how exciting it is to bring your baby home for the first time!  They love the thought of a parent’s face lighting up and seeing a stork, a personalized stork with the new baby’s name that they specially selected, in their front yard as they return home, to the place that will hold so many ‘firsts’ with their new family member.  They know how fast time goes with children and these simple storks can create such a wonderful memory, a memory that can be captured with a photo, potentially the first family photo with the new member. They wish they had received these storks when they brought their babies home!

So, they started their own Stork Rental Business – Storks of Michigan