Storks of South County

Storks of South County is a family-owned business that helps you celebrate life’s greatest joys in the most unique way. As parents and grandparents themselves, Bernie and Cheri wanted to start a business that allows us to take part in creating joyful, lasting memories.

Their yard stork sign rental company offers personalized baby birth announcements, gender reveals, and more with our 6 ft stork yard signs. In this age of birthday or baby shower parades, their large customizable 6-foot tall lawn stork signs are the perfect solution for announcing and welcoming your new baby.

Grandparents, siblings, and pets need not feel left out. They get their own grandparent stork, sibling star signs and pet signs.

Their personalized storks also make a great baby shower gift if you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the mom-to-be.

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