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Meet Morgan!

Born and raised in Southwest Florida, she has always had a deep love for the tropical paradise she calls home. After meeting her husband in the same area, the couple now has three children ranging in age from six to one. While she previously worked as a high school English teacher, she made the decision to leave her career and focus on being a stay-at-home mom.

Recently, a close friend of hers gave birth to a baby in Atlanta, and she wanted to send something special to celebrate the homecoming. She decided to send a personalized stork, which made the occasion all the more memorable. It was then that she realized that there were no such storks available in Fort Myers, and she was determined to change that. She decided to start her own stork rental business – Storks over Southwest Florida.

She is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring these adorable storks to her hometown and to help welcome families home after such a momentous occasion in their lives.

Please follow her @storksoverswfl

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