Texas Storks

Meet David and Chloe, who are thrilled to share news of their growing family and an exciting venture inspired by their own experiences. With the arrival of their baby boy, Jack, expected in late July, they not only look forward to this personal milestone but are also eager to embark on a new journey in their professional lives.

After renting storks for their two daughters’ arrivals in 2020 and 2022, they saw firsthand the joy these charming yard signs brought to their family and neighbors. However, they also encountered the challenge of additional delivery fees in their area. This experience sparked an innovative business idea when they learned they were expecting Jack. Determined to make these joyful announcements more accessible, David and Chloe decided to launch a stork rental service for families in Northeast Houston, eliminating the extra delivery charge.

Their business isn’t just about renting out storks for birth announcements; it’s about creating a community-wide celebration for various milestones. David and Chloe are expanding their offerings to include stork rentals for baby showers, gender reveals, grandparent announcements, and more, aiming to foster a sense of community and shared joy.

Here’s to a future where every family in Northeast Houston can celebrate their special occasions in a big, joyful way. David and Chloe look forward to making your announcements memorable and are excited about the role their business will play in bringing the community closer together.

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