Three Little Birds Storks and More

Meet Sarah, owner of Three Little Birds Storks and More. Sarah is a proud mother to her son Wilder, who was diagnosed with Autism in March 2023. Despite the diagnosis, Wilder remains a happy and spirited boy, bringing immeasurable joy to their lives. Sara is dedicated to advocating for Wilder’s needs and actively researches services and therapies to support his development. She started her own business to ensure he receives necessary care while also supporting other special needs families in the Triad area. Sara’s journey has taught her about compassion, resilience, and the power of community. She aims to create a better future by raising awareness, fostering understanding, and providing resources for every child to thrive. Through her dedication, Sara brings hope, joy, and support to Wilder and others in the special needs community, aiming to build a more inclusive society.

Sarah started her business with the purpose of ensuring she can continue to provide the necessary services and therapies for her son. Her aspiration is to eventually donate a portion of the profits to a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting special needs families in the Triad. Please follow her at @threelittlebirdsstorksandmore

I feel incredibly grateful to Sarah for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work on her website and marketing needs. The trust she has placed in me means a lot, and I genuinely appreciate being a part of her remarkable journey.

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