5 Local Business Facebook Marketing Strategies for Yard Sign Rental Businesses

Digital marketing is a powerful, effective, and low-cost way of reaching out to your target customers and audience. Many social media apps such as Facebook are now being utilized to help local businesses expand their customer base and create more brand awareness. We have compiled together 5 local business Facebook marketing strategies that will, without a doubt, bring you more customers to your yard Sign Business.

  1. Create a Facebook Page

The most basic step for Facebook marketing is having a separate Facebook page for your business/brand. This way, any existing customers can easily search it up and start following your page. Your Facebook page will also be the main platform from where you can further add in marketing strategies to boost its number of likes and followers.

  1. Record and upload videos
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80% of content on the internet is in video form. Not only are videos low budget and basic, but they can also easily be grasped by all sorts of people in your target audience, making them a very powerful and effective communication tool. Make sure your video is fun, engaging, and not too long so that your target audience doesn’t get bored and skip through the actual message present in the video.

  1. Run Facebook ads
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Facebook ads are cheap and effective and can target your market based on specific traits such as age, gender, interests, location, etc. They can also target individuals similar to your customer base on your Facebook page, making the entire process much easier and less of a hassle for you.

  1. Have a Facebook group

Facebook groups help form a small community of your customers. You can further build on your relationship with them by offering them exclusive discounts, offers, and other consumer content that may add value. Posting at least 3 times a week and going live occasionally to engage with your customers has proven to be successful for many local businesses.

  1. Utilize messenger marketing
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A messenger subscriber list is a new platform that offers a two-way communication channel. It is much better than emailing potential customers as it has an engagement rate that is ten times better. And the best part is, messenger marketing is free too! You can offer promo codes, discounts, and other value-added products through messenger marketing that may seem like they were made exclusively for the customer in question.


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