How to pick an awesome Domain Name for your Party Rental Business

How to pick an awesome Domain Name for your Party Rental Business

You have a business name for Party Rental Business and you would think picking a domain for your business website should easy-peasy, right? WRONG!!!!

What? What’s a domain name? Don’t worry we got you covered. Domain name is simply the address to the website. Example – is a domain name.

Having worked with so many businesses, I have realized that Domain names can go seriously wrong. So, here is a quick checklist to make sure that your business gets the right one

  • It’s short and simple
  • It memorable and relatable to your business
  • Avoid Numbers, dashes, and weird spellings
  • If you a service-based business – maybe add the location. Example
  • Keywords in the domain names are good. Example
  • Also, once you have a .com domain name, it’s a common strategy to have variations. Example

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