How to rank your Local Business listing higher on Yelp?

Although it doesn’t appear as a search engine on the surface level (which is one of the reasons behind its success), Yelp has an algorithm that helps push specific business listings to the top—interested in knowing how to boost the ranking of your Local business on Yelp? Given below are a few local SEO tips for your Yelp Listing.

  1. Have a verified Yelp and google business account

Yelp cares a lot about distance, and being within 5 to 10 miles of your nearest competitors will allow your business to show up higher in more places. Since distance is one of the ranking factors on yelp, it is showcased in the “Sort by” section. This will guarantee your Local Rental business more clicks and views.

  • Write a proper business description with keywords

Since yelp is a review platform and runs completely on reviews, it is important to make sure that any consumers who might review your Local Rental business use the designated keywords associated with your business.

A proper description ensures customers and users who write up reviews use the specific keywords mentioned in the description. The more reviews, the higher your ranking will be. Reviews by users who have already written multiple other reviews, add photos in reviews, and have friends will also be pushed onto the top.

  • Add more emphasis on quotes

Yelp records both the response time and response rate for any quotes received by a business. Although the emphasis is on clicks and traffic, it also shows the number of local users who requested a quote. This number matters a lot, as a higher number will account for a Local business that has high-quality service.

  • Add photos and videos

Images tend to catch users’ eyes, but the emphasis should be put on user-generated pictures. These images tend to give a more accurate depiction of the product/service being offered. It is also recommended to have multiple pictures since Yelp prioritizes businesses with a high amount of images.


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