Top 10 Elements of a Successful Postcard

If you are using a Postcard to promote your Local Business, here are a few elements that can make your direct mail postcard design outstanding. 

  • Clear Headline

Use a clear, concise, and bold headline that should be about your products or services, or it can be a solution to your recipient’s problem. 

  • Graphics should support your message

Use good graphics according to your headline. It should be easy to understand and convey the right message. For example, if your postcard is about residential real estate services, use solid graphics of the home. 

  • Good color and contrast 

Your headline and text should be prominent. For instance, if you are using a dark background, your heading and text color should make it stand out. When someone looks at the postcard, the first thing he notices should be a headline. 

  • Subheadline 

The postcard’s backside should have a sub-headline along with some text that you want your recipient to read. The subhead and text should support your main headline on the front side of the postcard. Your text should not be too long, but it should convince the person to take action.

  • Benefits

Add some benefits for the user in bullet points. Don’t write about you; the goal should be to develop an interest in your recipient to take a step. 

  • The offer

Give them an awesome offer, and don’t forget to add your contact number right beneath the offer. 

  • Company Name and logo

Your company name and logo – is the main part to represent who you are. 

  • Call to action

It is actually the goal of your postcard. Encourage the recipient to take action.

  • Contact Information

It should be large enough to grab the attention. 

  • Return Address

Add your physical address or website address to build trust.

Don’t miss out on any of the elements mentioned above and make your postcard successful. 


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